As we approach the holidays, for churches everywhere that means a long season of Advent. It means finding ways of talking past empirical meanings of Thanksgiving and contextualizing the table. It means finding ways of giving back to the communities we find ourselves in and figuring out together what it looks like when redemption breaks in, disrupts and makes things news. For Spiritual Entrepreneurs it can be challenging figuring out the pieces of our faith narratives that need lifting up and critically looking at those pieces that have been less than well played. What does it look like to talk about our time-honored, transformational stories in our 21st century, Western contexts in which politics, social locations, culture, economics, technology, etc. are changing what our humanity looks like and also what it means to live out our full humanity which our faith calls us to in the first place? These are just some of the things, as Spiritual Entrepreneurs, we need to think about as we continue to do ministry. The road ahead is not an easy one but we are committed to building it anyway. We look toward the future with curiosity, tenacity, and plasticity as we consider the way forward of and in our faith. 

We want to invite you to do some of this ‘think through’ with us at Hatchery LA. As you know we have been running cohorts of our Certificate in Spiritual Entrepreneurship program. Our next cohort starts January 15th and we want you to be apart of it! For Thanksgiving week we are offering $100 off the regular price of $399. Click here and when you check out use code TG100.

We also want to take this time to invite you to be apart of #givingtuesday. As holiday shopping is underway we want to ask you to participate in the giving that happens after all the big Thanksgiving holiday sales. These funds are a part of scholarshiping spiritual entrepreneurs into courses and cohorts that will shape and reshape their missions and visions for the 21st Century. If you are planning on participating in #givingtuesday we ask that you consider partnering with Hatchery LA. You have options to give monthly and receive various benefits for your spiritual philanthropy or you can give a one time amount of your choosing. All of this is tax deductible and all of it will help support Spiritual Entrepreneurs as they engage innovation in their faith contexts. Click here to become a Spiritual Philanthropist with Hatchery LA.

 Get and give at HatcheryLA.com this holiday week!


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