What is Spiritual Entrepreneurship?

Hatchery LA defines Spiritual Entrepreneurship as...

Responding to the shifts within culture and the world, motivated by the goal of common good, Spiritual Entrepreneurship is an invitation to engage new questions of god and new ways of engaging god that promote community, sustainability and viability.

Spiritual Entrepreneurship innovates and iterates to anticipate and address the changing needs of spirituality in the 21st century.  

Are you a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

Maybe you are a Seminary graduate who wants to build on your education, expand your skills and become better prepared to do ministry in the 21st century. 

Maybe you are a Minister in the middle of transition that changing culture brings and you are looking for tools to help you navigate the new spiritual horizon.  

Maybe you are a Cultural Creative and filled with new ideas and passion and you are looking for a cohort of dreamers and ministry innovators.  

If you identified with any of these personas or if our definition of Spiritual Entrepreneurship has resonated with you, we want you to explore Hatchery LA's journey into this new and emerging field.

DISCOVERY PHASE:  A 12-week course preparing you for your journey toward spiritual innovation, the practice of it and the need for it.  Move swiftly through theories of innovative theology, finance, technologies, culture, coupled with training on lean methodology and why this matters for the future of your context.  

DEVELOPMENT PHASE:  This is for innovators who have a project/context that have already gone through the certificate course and are looking for practical training on how to move forward in a new or current project.  

Hatchery LA Incubator 

DEPLOYMENT PHASE:  This is an intensive in which a select group of  innovator projects will journey through an incubator program with Hatchery LA.