Future and Faith The "Millennial Problem"

Join Maria French of Hatchery LA and Jonathon Murillo of FLDWRK as they talk about the 'millennial problem.'  In John's work across university, church and faith based organization settings, he has been given a unique perspective on what some have deemed "the millennial problem." This problem of course refers to the rapidly shifting religious landscape and the decline of church attendance and influence in the west. The sky is not falling despite what some may say. Deep within these shifts there are leaders and innovators passionate about redefining and reimagining what good, faithful response to both the divine and our cultural moment could look like. The driving passion of these young leaders is a hunger to truly embody the renewal of all things. They want to make new things, as all things are made new. This is what makes the work of incubating new ideas and organizations such holy labour. Organizations birthed from a theological imagination present a unique opportunity for embodiment and incarnation now more than ever before.


If you missed the online event, here is your chance to view the conversation for free.