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hatchery update Oct 30, 2018

Hi everyone. If you are here it is because, like us, you are interested in what the future of faith might be. Living in the 21st century and trying to engage our faith in new ways can be difficult when the models don’t quite hold anymore. They once worked. And they worked well. They were a product of the culture that they were constructed in. But as our world moves and evolves, as culture shifts and religious landscapes change, we have to do the hard work of asking what is next and what comes next. At Hatchery LA we call some of this work Spiritual Entrepreneurship.  We are wondering what it looks like to innovate and iterate our concepts of god, church, community and faith in ways that make sense for the 21 st century. We know we are having these conversations and we know you are having these conversations, but we want to have them TOGETHER.

We have designed some incubation methods such as our Certificate in Spiritual Entrepreneurship which walks you through what it means to hold some of this stuff in tension. Questions like, what does it mean to look into an uncertain future and ask new questions of the uncertainty itself? We combine this with innovative theology and lean methodology, enabling us to create a sustainable and viable faith for the times in which we live. We explore the state of affairs of religion and Christianity as well as ask the difficult questions of the future that we know no one can answer yet but that we are committed to anyway. 

We also offer a Coaching and Training program for teams who have gone through our certificate program to be able to develop what we call a Minimum Viable Benefit. This is intended to help you discover a primal need and create a transformative plan that is not only innovative but which can also be tested and measured.

We are one of several incubators for Spiritual Entrepreneurship in the country that are trying to do their part to raise the profile of this approach to the challenges of our time. We want to invite you in on this journey with us. It takes boldness and bravery to take on a task like this and we would love to be a support to you as you do.  Sign up for our emails and keep in touch with us! Let’s move forward together!



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