Innovation and John Caputo

innovative theology Oct 31, 2018

I first heard John (Jack) Caputo at an Emerging Church conference in the early 2000s. He was on a panel discussing theology and the challenges facing Christianity. I was interested in what he had to say but I was already working through some ideas of my own and I didn’t fully register everything he was saying. My own faith reappraisal and my journey to reframe my thinking about pretty much everything was consuming me at the time and my ears were a little deaf to the world at that time. My journey eventually led me to the works of Gianni Vattimo, the Italian philosopher, I had been particularly inspired by his notion of weak thought. The idea of weak thought offers a new understanding of the role of philosophy based on language, interpretation, and limits rather than on metaphysical and epistemological certainties. It occurred to me that there was something deeply theological about this notion and with Vattimo’s direct references to the words of St. Paul I wanted to see...

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