The Apocalypse Will Blossom: The Launch of ERTN

culture europe theology Nov 13, 2019
Last weekend in the medieval city of Utrecht, a centre of Christian thought since the 8th century, a group of Europeans (plus one invited American guest, Maria French, Hatchery Director) to launch a new venture.  Attendees, all of whom are thinkers, theologians and practitioners, from The Netherlands, U.K., Norway, Sweden, Romania and Ireland came together to participate in the European Radical Theology Network (ERTN).
ERTN is committed to re-framing radical theology in the European context, to supporting existing work and to fostering new projects across Europe. The state of religion across Europe is vastly different from North America, church attendance and interest in traditional religion, though varying slightly from country to country, is virtually non-existent. But there is renewed interest in alternative spirituality, and with questions concerning meaning coupled with a growing hunger for a different way of life that meaningfully addresses the issues...
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