The Creative Leaders Workshop

Learn how a curious mindset can be an inspirational and creative way of challenging assumptions and re-defining your mission or project. Section One explores the general characteristics and tools of a creative leader. Section Two takes a more practical and personal turn, exploring the ways in which we function most healthfully in life and examines new ways of thinking about the ideas and stories we communicate.

8-Week Content Schedule

October 31st - December 19th, 2019

This lecture will introduce the ethos behind the course and lead into a discussion about creating a new eco-system for leadership. Central to this is curiosity and its role in the creative process. It is important to be asking the right questions in these rapidly changing times, so we will explore the challenges of shifting from an answer-seeking approach to methods of inquiry driven by learning to ask new questions.

This lecture will continue the development of a new creative eco-system by exploring the relationship between strong leadership and self-awareness. The dynamics of a strong leader can easily be mis-interpreted to mean controlling or power-hungry but the creative leader operates with different understandings of leadership. In the 21st century self-awareness is key. Models for developing self-awareness and new leadership pathways will be discussed.

Following last week’s lecture on self-awareness and strong leadership, this week will focus on using those elements to set an inspiring course for new direction. Strong leadership is characterized by an ability to lead people into uncertain futures.

This lecture, which closes the first section of the course, combines key elements discussed in the first three lectures to offer a vision for what it means to be a creative leader in the 21st century. Perspective, collaboration and a deep understanding of ourselves and the world around us are the base ingredients for a transformative leader.

How do you connect to your creative impulses? This first lecture in Section two will begin to focus on the more practical aspects of creative leadership. The role of boredom, laziness and limits in the creative process will provide a foundation for exploring the tools we already have within us to aid in our creative expression. 

This weeks lecture will focus on practical tools for introducing creativity into our environments. How do you take an old building or space and create an environment that reflects your creative ideas and directions? Can old buildings serve new purposes? How can space be transformed? 

It’s not the story, it’s how you tell it that counts. A creative leader tells stories, casts vision and  collaborates in ways that challenge, nurture and inspire. This lecture will explore communication models that offer alternative ways of communicating ideas, vision and theology. 

This lecture draws the close to a close by returning to issues of self-awareness and self-care as well as demonstrating how to chart a course for your life that is faithful to the creative mindset you have developed.

Meet Your Instructors

Victoria Sun Esparza

Victoria Sun Esparza is a Dallas, TX native and currently works as the Director of Family Ministries at White Rock United Methodist Church. She also works as a freelance consultant using Human-Centered Design with non-profits and religious organizations. Her work aims to connect churches and nonprofits to better tools for solving problems and meeting the needs of the people around them. Victoria holds a Masters of Divinity and a MA in Design and Innovation.

Barry Taylor

Barry Taylor is a theologian-philosopher, musician, artist, academic and writer who has spent more than thirty years challenging traditional notions of religion and church and creating alternative communities built on the idea that life is uncertain, the future is unwritten and that none of us has the answer.

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Peter Rollins

Peter Rollins is an author, philosopher, storyteller, producer and public speaker who has gained an international reputation for overturning traditional notions of religion and forming “churches” that preach the Good News that we can’t be satisfied, that life is difficult, and that we don’t know the secret.

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Kalee Vandegrift

Kalee Vandegrift is a therapist, truth teller, and business owner.  She recently relocated to Seattle, WA, where she does remote coaching work with clients and partnership development for The Allender Center. Along with opening her own practice, Kalee co-founded and created a leader development group for CEOs and founders, called Impact, at FLDWRK.

Jenell Coker

Jenell Coker has over 15 years ministry experience in faith-based nonprofits and currently is on staff at Oceanside Sanctuary. Throughout her ministry career Jenell has had the opportunity to create and imagine sacred spaces in both Christian and Jewish communities. In her spare time she runs Twig & Feather Designs, a business that repurposes and reuses items to create useful art.