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Have you taken the Certificate in Spiritual Entrepreneurship course?  Are you working in a church context or project and in need of a customized program to help implement what you have learned with personal coaching and training for experts?

Spiritual Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to create a custom plan to follow their passion to create a Minimum Viable Benefit project.  Hatchery LA defines MVB as:

The Minimum Viable Benefit offers a unique value proposition by fulfilling a discovered need and creating transformation around that need.  Working within the ecosystem of your context a hypothesis is developed and tested around a perceived primary need that is informed by:

  • cultural and economic realities
  • mechanisms of connectivity 
  • models of sustainability authentic to your audience

Developing a Minimum Viable Benefit out of a Spiritual Entrepreneurship framework empowers embodiment of agency not propped up by former models.  Rather it is released from constraints that hinder iteration and innovation.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs will go through a process of discerning their passion using innovative theology, Human Centered Design and Lean Methodologies/Canvas to test their hypothesis and create their initial build, measure, learn projects until they have strong findings to move forward.

Martin Luther King said that one of the great liabilities of life is that too many people find themselves living in a time of great social change and fail to develop new attitudes and responses the new situation demands and they end up sleeping through a revolution. Our phase 2 program is designed to help you develop the attitudes, skills and plans you need to address the needs of the world around you and connect your vision to a rapidly changing world so the revolution doesn’t pass you by.

-Barry Taylor


Building on the knowledge of innovative theology and methodologies Phase 2 brings to life; imagination, ideation and prototyping creating projects/ministries that the world desires and needs. Bringing together both theory and praxis that result in meaningful spiritual transformation.

-Spencer Burke

What does it look like to create spiritual transformation and community that is meaningful and sustainable? It isn’t enough to have an idea.  Nor is it enough to go into a community with your pre-planned vision for the community.  What are their needs?  What are the spiritual deficits?  What is currently impacting the religious and cultural landscapes of those you live among and are trying to do ministry with and for? 

Our Phase 2 Coaching and Training addresses these questions and others as we walk you through a process to reenvision engaging ministry in the 21st century that are centered in your own contexts and the real, identified needs with low risk and high imagination.

 -Maria French


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