A free 3-part conversation moving faith into the 21st Century

Future and Faith - Nov 2018

Hosted by Hatchery LA in conversation with John Caputo - John and Kathryn Heinz









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Each conversation building on top of the next, released over 3 days. If you are related to any Christian community you have most likely been a part of conversations that are asking questions of what it means to move our faith into the future in ways that are transformational and meaningful. At Hatchery LA we are an incubator for Spiritual Entrepreneurship and are asking what it looks like to innovate our theologies and methodologies in ways that are sustainable and viable for movement into the 21st Century.

John Caputo

Theologian and Philosopher

Religious landscapes are changing in the West faster than we can keep up.  There are major philosophical and cultural shifts taking place that demand our attention.  Can religion withstand the difficult questions the future is asking?

John and Kathryn Heinz


What does it look like to tend to the business of Spiritual Entrepreneurship.  What is the new language that is emerging, what are the new models that are developing, what is happening on the ground to move theses conversations forward in word and in deed?

George Benson and Jennifer Oliver

Hatchery LA Students

When you are in the trenches of ministry and community what does innovation look like when you are leading in the way of spiritual transformation?  What does it look like to go forward amid transition all the while tending to new questions and new horizons?


A Free 3-Part Conversation

Moving faith into the 21st Century Future and Faith - Nov 2018 Hosted by Hatchery LA in conversation with John Caputo and others.


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