Future and Faith: "Thinking INSIDE the Box"

Hosted by Hatchery LA, An Incubator for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

What are the new frontiers of faith?  How are people finding new ways of making sense of Christianity and God in the WAKE of so much confusion, nonsense and finding themselves on the undesirable side of religious history?  Join Maria French and Barry Taylor as they come to you directly from the heart of Belfast from WAKE, a boutique conference on Radical Theology, taking place at the Black Box, to talk about some of the ways in which people are exploring and diving into the abyss for the sake of the future.

Sign up here to receive a link when the conversation drops live at 10am PST on Thursday, May 2.  The conversation between Maria and Barry in Belfast will last 30 minutes and will start promptly at 10am.  Come ready for the future...or at least curious!


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