Hatchery LA Identifies People, Projects and Passions that need
Support and Networking 



Are Spiritual Entrepreneurs born or made? The age old question of nature or nurture is the first step towards identifying a leader to head up a successful project. We have developed a unique process of interviews, events and partnership to relationally identify, monitor and evaluate the best candidates to move forward


Exploring uncharted territory is always difficult, feeling isolated and alone. The power of collaborative learning and the beauty of discovery in community can make the difference between the success and failure of a project. 


The power of connection and shared learning around the big questions that need to be asked about the future of church can be found in every city and faith. We're not looking for shrink wrapped solutions but common themes, struggles and successes that can be contextualized. Sometimes, we just need to know
we're not the only crazy one out there...

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Spiritual Entrepreneur

Are you a person who has a passion to create a new form of community? Have you already started, but need the tools to better execute your plan. Or are you part of a group of people that dream about a better way but haven't formalized that passion or process...


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Perhaps you're not looking to start something new, but would like to be a part of supporting one of these new forms of community.  There are ways that you can get involved through spiritual philanthropy…