Hatchery LA Identifies People, Projects and Passions that need
Support and Networking 


DISCOVERY PHASE:  Certificate in Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Educate and Identify 

Enter through a 12-week course where you will be exposed and educated in Spiritual Entrepreneurship (Innovative Theology and Lean Methodology).

You will then self-identify as potential Spiritual Entrepreneur or Spiritual Philanthropist. At the completion of this 12-week course SEs and SPs will have an opportunity to continue on to The Hatchery LA Development Portal.

DEVELOPMENT PHASE:  Coaching and Training

Support and Network

Spiritual Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to create a custom plan to follow their passion to create a Minimum Viable Benefit project.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs will go through a process of discerning their passion using innovative theology and the basics of lean methodology/lean canvas to test their hypothesis and create their initial
build, measure, learn projects until they have strong findings to move forward.

Spiritual Philanthropists will be able to view the projects and support early stages of MVB projects through a closed kick starter type funding community.

DEPLOYMENT PHASE: Hatchery LA Incubator

Incubate and Launch

The successful MVB projects can apply for the Hatchery Incubator. If the project is selected and the Spiritual Entrepreneur completes the six- month incubator, they will pitch their project 'Pitch Deck' style.

During this phase Spiritual Philanthropists will be able to sponsor the project through incubation and have the opportunity to participate in the funding of that project through our annual 'Pitch Deck' like event.

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Spiritual Entrepreneur

Are you a person who has a passion to create a new form of community? Have you already started, but need the tools to better execute your plan. Or are you part of a group of people that dream about a better way but haven't formalized that passion or process...


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Perhaps you're not looking to start something new, but would like to be a part of supporting one of these new forms of community.  There are ways that you can get involved through spiritual philanthropy…